Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 8, 2007 Vienna to Prague

$1=21 Czech Crowns (kr)

We have breakfast and then take the metro to the Sudbahnhof train station for our train to Prague. On the metro, I figure out we have to switch to a surburban rail train to get to our station. This is a bit confusing, but we finally find the right one and get there with plenty of time to spare.

When the train arrives, it’s made up of the same type of 6 seat compartment car as our trip from Budapest, as well as cars with airline style seats. We had specifically asked for non-smoking seats but unfortunately our reserved seats turned out to be in a smoking car. We move to another compartment in another car as the train almost empty. The trip is uneventful with the exception of having our passports and tickets checked twice. I never noticed this before, but immigration stamps on the train have a little train on them, and airport arrivals have a plane. My passport only has two unstamped pages left, but it expires next year, so I think this will be it.

At the Prague Holesovice train station I go to an ATM which dispenses a single 2000 kr note ($100). What a pain to use/break. We exit the (seedy) train station to try and find the Metro and end up at an Information center where we can buy metro tickets and thus, break the huge bill.
The Metro system is complicated here-ticket prices are based on number of stations, transfers, and time spent on the metro, bus or tram. Make sure you read up before you buy. We decide a 3 day pass is not for us and this ends up being a good choice.

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